A bit about me

Hi. I’m Craig.

I’ve worked for agencies big and small in the Far East, Toronto and Vancouver.

And as a Writer and Creative Director, I’ve discovered one universal truth that retells itself year after year. A great idea championed by a tight agency/client team can make for some really, really, powerful fun in the marketplace.

I also believe that as creative people, we need to be chameleons and adapt our spots, stripes and colours to those brands we are trying to make famous. It’s why you’ll find that every one of my campaigns is very different from the last.

Of course, nothing on this site would have happened without the incredible creative minds I’ve worked with over the years. My Art Director partners, the Producers, the Developers, the Strategists, and the amazing talents who have worked for me over the years.

But it’s not all just work, work, work.

After that it’s family, family, family.

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